Get Real-Time Protection for Your Kids Anytime, Anywhere

Introducing SmartDaddy, the #1 mobile monitoring app for parental controls that offers real-time monitoring to track your child’s online activities wherever they are and wherever you are.
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Premium features

A Virtual Bodyguard for Your Child

With SmartDaddy’s premium features included, you can have complete peace of mind that your child is safe, both online and offline.


Live Location Tracking

Know exactly where your child has been and where they’re currently going. Plus, you can view the locations your child previously visited along with the date and time.

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Monitor and Block Apps Usage

Keep your child safe from dangerous apps and control their phone using our new ScreenTime feature. You'll be able to limit your kid's app usage based on schedules such as bedtime, school time, etc. Instantly pause the phone usage. Allow free play after their stressful studies and more.

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Tasks & Home works

Encourage your kid's positive habits by assigning them tasks to complete, and motivate them by providing reward screen time when they complete the tasks.

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Screen Capture

Securely capture your kid’s phone screen in a button click any time anywhere to make sure they are not viewing any inappropriate content.

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Monitor Web Network Usage

Is your child looking up research online or accessing something inappropriate? With SmartDaddy, you’ll know what your child is surfing!

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Protect from Threats

Protect your child from bullying or threats from strangers or even people they know by tracking their calls, texts and contacts.

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SOS Emergency Alerts

SmartDaddy makes it easy to come to the rescue when your child is in need. Should they find themselves in an emergency situation, they can simply tap the SOS button in the child app.

It instantly alerts you via text message, email, and a notification through the parent app all at once. You’ll be notified of your child’s current live location to help protect them from any threats. This feature is free to use and always will be so you can have complete peace of mind wherever your children go.


Secure and Seamless Tracking

Every Second Counts When It Comes to Managing Your Child’s Online Safety.

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SmartDaddy knows that in the blink of an eye, the worst can happen. This is why our app offers a highly-secured way for you to keep an eye on your child even if you can’t be right there

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Real-time monitoring

You’ll know where your child is right this instant and what they’re doing with their smartphone. Notifications come directly to you without any lag so you’ll know what’s going on.

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Multiplatform support

Intuitive and easy to understand interface that allows both parents to simultaneously track from iPhone, Android, or the web, whether they’re in the next room or at the mall after school.


How to Setup and Use SmartDaddy

Setting Up SmartDaddy is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

  • 1.

    Download Parent App.

    Download the SmartDaddy Parent App from the Google Play Store or App Store and create your account. Subscribe to the plan that fits your needs and create a child profile.

  • 2.

    Download Child App.

    Visit our download page, from you’re child’s phone to get SmartDaddy Child App with ease, then sign in with your parent account.

  • 3.

    Start Monitoring.

    That’s it! Now you can enable the features that you want on the Child App to track and monitor your child!

Pricing plans

Affordable Peace of Mind for the Whole Family.

SmartDaddy makes it easy to take control of your family's safety, no matter the size. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time or even cancel.

Monitor upto 5 children


Includes all features.

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